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HF Mobile APRS

Here is the VK4JRC-15 HF 30 metre APRS motorcycle mobile! Bike is a 2002 BMW F650GS.

Radio is the ICOM 703 HF 10 watt radio, with SCS DSP Tracker TNC which is connected to a Garmin 16GPS. HF antenna uses Buddipole components, along with some home made bits!

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Icom 703 installed in topbox with MB62 mount bracket.


SCS DSP Tracker velcroed to inside of topbox.


GPS16HV mounted to lid of topbox.


Buddipole antenna mounted with spring base and ground strap to bike frame, no trailing counterpoise here!!!!!!! There are 3 whip top sections, a 4 foot stainless steel stinger that screws on top of the Buddipole coil, a 3 section shock-corded whip for on highway riding. A 5 section shock-corded whip is used stationary mobile only.


Topbox is an industrial Trimcast brand, rugged and waterproof.


Radio Stuff is STILL under construction, like a few of the other pages!



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